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Residential Moving

Commander Moving has vast experience in residential moving. We have seen it all and can assist you with all your needs. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Commercial Moving

We understand that it is time consuming to manage business operations and move offices. If you are planning an office move, then your business is in its most vulnerable state. Contact us to help guide you through the process.

Storage Services

Commander offers long or short term, flexible storage for all your needs. With reasonable pricing and climate control. The Bay Area’s best service is just a click away. 

Custom Crates

If you have fragile or precious art or antiques, let us know and we’ll put together a team of movers specially-trained to handle your belongings

Packing & Unpacking

Commander Moving Inc. offers a full range of packing and unpacking services for your move. Packing for moving can be one of the most time consuming aspects of your local or long distance move.

Inventory Services

Need an inventory taken of your items? No problem. Commander Moving Inc. has got you covered. We itemize each item individually and the condition of the item before transit.

In-House Moving

Need something moved to or from the basement? Time to re-arrange your furniture? Commander Moving Inc. is your all inclusive moving company. Our fully trained staff is ready to move your items within your home or on your property.

More Happy Customers

“I had the pleasure of having Caleb and Greg move me from Oakland to Walnut Creek. They were fast, Friendly and highly efficient. I highly recommend Commander Moving.”


– Clavie V.

Daly City, CA

“The day of the move, I met the crew at my storage facility. Gary, PJ and Malin got all the stuff moved from my container to the truck in 40 minutes. WOW!”


– Sopia K.

Berkeley, CA

“They moved both my apartment and my girlfriend’s into our new house in and I can’t say enough good things about them after my experience, so stick around guys!”


– Eunice D.

Oakland, CA

How It Works

Not only is Commander Moving known for its moving ability, but it is also known for it’s frictionless process and amazing customer service. Below is an outline of what to expect.

Get An Estimate

Email us or call us for a free consultation to discuss your moving needs. You can call us at (415) 407 5043 or use the form below.

Plan Your Move

After you are happy with our pricing and structure we put a tailored plan together to discuss what days and times work best for you!

Schedule Your Move

Once we have all the minor details arranged, we put you on the books and we do what we do best! Move you with ease.

Help Center

Packing Tips

It might seem like an easy job, but following the general rules below and you will eliminate the chance of damage. just in case you want to pack yourself.

Use extra padding between each layer and try to put light glass to the top of the box. If you don’t have wrapping paper, use as much newspapers and magazines as possible. It is essential to mark every box “fragile” so our team will know how to stack boxes inside the truck.
The most secure way of moving electronics is to put them into their original packaging. However, it is likely that you have none of them available. Any kind of soft blankets can replace styrofoam. If you don’t have enough blankets, let us know and we’ll drop you some prior to the day of your move. Small and valuable items should be boxed up as well. Don’t forget to mark every piece of electronics as valuable and fragile. Bubble or popcorn wrap can always help you do the job.
Do not disconnect refrigerators, freezers, coolers and other large appliances until the day of your move. Your food items should stay cold as long as possible. It will take us no time to pack them for you right before we move them. Washers and dryers require extra precautions since there could be security risks stemming from leaking gas or high voltage connectors.
Books and Documents
Books can get extremely heavy. Please never use any larger box than a book box. Filling an entire dishpack with books could mean an extreme injury risk to our employees.
Marble and Glass Tabletops and Other Fragile Furniture Parts
It would make our job easier, if you let us pack glass and marble table tops. We’d like to inspect every corner for any damage, cracks or chips and then decide what will be the best protection to guarantee 100% safety.
Lamps and Lampshades
Always disassemble lamps from shades. We prefer to put all lampshades in separate boxes since they are very fragile. Try to use as much wrapping paper as possible to prevent the shades from moving and sliding inside the box. Don’t forget to mark the boxes as well, so that we won’t put anything heavy on top of them in our trucks. Always remove light bulbs from lamp bases.
The best option for hanging clothes are wardrobe boxes. We will provide you as many as you’ll need to fit all your clothing. And unless you’ll want to keep them, we will not charge a penny for them. Folding clothes should go inside a medium size box and if your dresser isn’t extremely heavy you might leave them inside the drawers. You can even stack little and fragile items in between the folding clothes.

The minimum standard for wrapping pictures is a paper wrap but moving blankets will usually do a better job. Statues and other pieces of artwork should be boxed up in most cases. We can provide you with a wide range of assorted packing material such as packing paper, popcorn or bubble wrap.

Linen and Bedding
Lightweight linens and bedding make an ideal padding tool. Super delicate items can be wrapped inside bedding which can fill up a dishpack. Any unused linen may end up in the bottom of a wardrobe box.