Moving Tips

Here are some helpful hints to make moving day go as quickly and efficiently as possible! Planning is key for performing a fast and efficient move. First and foremost, before you begin packing, sort through your belongings and set aside anything that will be needed and will make you feel better before you start packing.

  • Box and Label: Box everything up room by room, and label as much as possible (i.e.-bedroom 1, 2, 3, kitchen, living room, etc.). Be sure to label fragile items with appropriate marking and keep in a separate area, this will allow us to place your fragile items/boxes in the correct space on our trucks.
  • Apartments and Condos: For apartment and condo Moves, or in a building with limited parking, please try to reserve space for the trucks in an easily accessible location. Also, if elevators will be used, please reserve time where it can be locked open, which will speed up our pace considerably, saving both money and time!
  • Appliances: When moving appliances such as televisions or stereo systems, it is ideal to pack them in the box or packaging the product originally came in. This will guarantee a sure fit, and greatly helps in transport. Also, be sure to tie and/or tether any cords.
  • Fragile Items: Please pack lampshades and other fragile items in well packed boxes. At Commander Moving Inc., we pack our trucks tightly, although we are extremely careful, fragile items need to be packed accordingly. Also, taping boxes top and bottom greatly increases structural rigidity, and ensures safe transport.
  • Kids and Pets: If you have young children, it is helpful to make arrangements for them to stay with family or a sitter during the move hours. Also, if possible, contain cats and dogs in a bathroom, crate, or yard. We love pets, they just aren’t as helpful as they may think they are when it comes to moving your belongings.

Lastly, we understand that moving is not cheap. If you are on a budget, preparation helps greatly! The better prepared you are for us, the less time it will take. Disassembling furniture, boxing all loose items, and having everything ready when we arrive are the best ways to save time and money. Also, by bringing any small/loose items in a personal vehicle, you can reduce clutter as well as the time your move will take.

Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to assist you with your move!

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