May is National MOVING Month!

May is more than flowers and baby bunnies: it’s also the month that kicks off a season when more people move from one home to another than any other time of year. In fact, according to, in the months from May to September, approximately half of all moves take place! May kicks off the busiest season for relocation. It’s the time of the year when a lot of American families begin thinking about who they will hire to help them move. It’s also a time when consumers need to exercise caution and choose their household goods carrier wisely.

Moving is an exciting but stressful time. With the right preparation, there’s no reason your move shouldn’t be hassle-free!

Data collected on California’s moving habits show the top most current reasons for moving are:

  1. Relocating for a job
  2. Moving in with or away from family
  3. Doubling up: moving in to share space with more people to cut costs (attributed to CA’s high unemployment rate)
  4. Trading up: better schools, better home, better location
  5. Adding a pet to the family

On overall survival, Commander Moving offers a list of quick tips:

Hire or Recruit Help: Extra help can be invaluable and there are lots of different options to fit all kinds of budgets. Self service moves involve you packing and loading your belongings into boxes or a secure container and the moving service then transporting everything to your new address. With a full service move, the moving company loads the moving truck, drives your belongings to your new address and unloads the truck in your new place. Some companies, like Commander Moving, will even pack your belongings for you! Depending on your budget, renting a moving truck or hiring labor can be affordable alternatives. If you cannot afford any for pay options, consider recruiting your friends and spring for pizza when the move is over!

Keep an Eye on Valuables: Forgetting where you packed something is a common hassle when moving. Make sure that items that are hard to replace like medications, insurance policies, car titles and the moving services contract are packed in a box that you move yourself or ship ahead of time with a service that requires a delivery signature.

Move Only What You Really Need: It is difficult to think about spring cleaning while you are in the midst of a move, but packing will unearth all of those items that you haven’t used in months or years. Consider donating unneeded items to your local charity or help fund your moving expenses by selling them on eBay.

Pack Your Favorite Items Last: Creature comforts can be powerful stress relievers. Your current bedside reading, morning coffee mug or favorite DVDs can help you feel sane in the midst of chaos. If you have children, ask them to pick one or two of their favorite things to keep with them during the move as well.

Home Is Where the Heart Is: Although all the packing, moving and cleaning can feel a bit overwhelming while it is happening, try to envision yourself relaxing on your sofa or having a housewarming party to show off your new home to your friends. It is also important to remember how you will benefit from the movr!

That last tip is important for helping you keep your head straight as the stress piles on. Also helpful for managing stress is hiring Commander Moving for your next move!

No matter who you choose for your move, Commander Moving wishes you the best of luck for a stress-free and efficient move!


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