How to prepare for your home or office move

If you think moving is stressful, then you've come to the right place! As a residential moving company and a commercial moving company, we know the ins and outs of moving a home or business. Aside from the fast, efficient moving and storage services you can expect from Commander Moving Inc., we're also happy to give you some moving advice to make your entire moving experience much easier to deal with.

 Homes and offices come in various shapes and sizes — you may only have a small home or office to relocate, or a big home or office with many rooms or departments. Follow and replicate these steps to make sure nothing gets lost or left behind — and to save a little money in the process!

  • Minimalize! Before anything else, go through your drawers and filing cabinets. Get rid of documents you no longer need, broken pens, and other desktop equipment damaged beyond repair. No sense bringing something to your new office that you're only going to throw away later anyway, right? Not only will this make unpacking at your new office or home easier, but it'll help bring down moving costs, too.
  • Take notes. It’s important to keep track of which items are grouped together. For instance, you can group contracts in alphabetical order. Having a list will make sure no important document gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Group magazines and books together. Literature always add a smart look to any home or office, and having them neatly arranged on a bookshelf can boost productivity levels quite a bit. When magazines and books are packed together, it'll be quick and easy to set up a professional looking bookshelf at your new home or office.
  • Create backups of your computer files, then pack your computer last. If you can type faster than you can write with your hands, you can actually make your inventory list on your computer. When you're done, backup all your important files on at least two different media (external hard drives, usb thumb drives, or store them on the internet), and finally have your computer packed. Once you arrive at your home/office's new location, unpack your computer first. Set it up quickly so you can get back to business right away, even if you're still unpacking as you go.

 At Commander Moving Inc., we take pride in moving our clients' homes and businesses more quickly and easily than more general home and commercial movers. Once we finish packing the contents of your home or office, you'll be on your way to a better living or business environment soon after. We at Commander Moving Inc. are your residential moving company and your commercial moving company, our experience with these makes us your best choice for your next move. Thank you!

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