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Happy Holidays from Commander Moving!


Christmas is time of the year when the whole family gathers to spend the holiday together. It might not be a very cherry idea to move during Christmas since everybody is planning the perfect Christmas and we usually don’t see it as a packing-loading-moving event. *Interestingly, there are more families that move during the fall and winter seasons than we realize.*

Whether your move is related to the military, to job re-location or to another life event, moving doesn’t always happen at the most convenient times.  However, it may turn out that moving is the best Christmas present you have ever received! Remember that this holiday is all about spending time with your family and friends. Engage everybody to help with the holiday relocation.

We hope the following holiday moving tips will ensure your holiday move is fun as well as organized.




**If you are moving right before Christmas, put extra thought into packing:

* You may prefer to only unpack necessary household items in your new home until after the holidays pass. If so, pack and label those items separately from the ones you  won't likely need until after the holidays.

* Keep holiday decorations and gift wrapping materials in boxes separate from your household items.

* If you already started shopping for gifts, keep those separate, too, along with your decorations and wrapping materials.

* If you aren’t going to have guests over, why not start packing closets, guest bedrooms and storage areas first?

* Create a staging area for boxes and supplies in a guest bedroom or storage room so your entire house won’t be a maze of moving boxes!

* Label boxes with room names and number them according to their priority so you know what boxes should be unpacked first when you’ve moved into your next home.


** Don’t let the moving process damper your spirit. Play holiday music while packing and do your best to create a festive atmosphere – yes, even while moving.


** If you have young children, put together a box of age-appropriate holiday coloring books, puzzles and other activities to keep them occupied. Also make sure they understand that Santa will find them in their new home. They may be worried, yet not mention it.


 ** Create personalized moving announcement holiday cards to send to friends and relatives.


 ** Take time out to relax, watch a holiday film, bake cookies, or simply soak in the tub.  


** Reconsider inviting the entire family over to your home throughout the holidays. If possible, arrange with your relatives to host holiday events at your new home next year.

* If you still want to entertain, keep the expectations realistic. Invite fewer people; host potlucks where everyone brings a dish; or consider having a caterer to reduce the stress and amount of cooking that will be required at your home.

 ** Take time out to relax, watch a holiday film, bake cookies, or simply soak in the tub.


“To experience peace does not mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life.” ~ Jill Bolte Taylor


Although moving during the holiday season creates more chaos than normal, it helps to keep the quote in mind. Moving during the holiday season can be as easy and enjoyable as you make it. It is the people that make our holiday, not the place.


Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

¡Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!

Joyeux Noël et bonne année!






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