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Plan a (Relatively) Stressless House Move

Tips on how to hire a mover, pack your belongings properly and move your home with relative ease. #CommanderMoving #FreeEstimate #BestMoversInTheBay

Presidential Trivia - In honor of President's Day 2016

Some fun trivia about our Presidents in honor of President's Day 2016. Commander Moving is available to move you into your "white" house or any other color home you choose! #CommanderMoving. #FreeEstimate. #BestMoversEastBay.


Moving in February can wreak havoc on Valentine's Day. Commander Moving has some great ideas to keep your sweetheart happy. Or, if your sweetheart isn't happy, Commander Moving and our movers are happy to help you move!!

How to prepare for your home or office move

If you think moving is stressful, then you've come to the right place! As a residential moving company and a commercial moving company, we know the ins and outs of moving a home or business. Aside from the fast, efficient moving and storage services you can expect from Commander Moving Inc., we're also happy to give you some moving advice to make your entire moving…

Moving Tips

Here are some helpful hints to make moving day go as quickly and efficiently as possible! Planning is key for performing a fast and efficient move. First and foremost, before you begin packing, sort through your belongings and set aside anything that will be needed and will make you feel better before you start packing.

  • Box and Label: Box everything up room by room,…

Settling in after the move

Sometimes the last step of a move is the most forgotten one: How to get settled in after moving?

The Commander Moving Inc. truck pulls away, and you turn around to a house full of boxes and furniture. You’re tired, probably a bit hungry, and generally overwhelmed. So… what do you do next?

Here are some tips, designed to help guide you through this last step of the moving process.


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