Moving can be super stressful and if you are moving in February, Valentine’s Day can take a backseat. Here are some great unconventional ways to spend Valentine’s with your sweetheart. And remember, if you forget to get your sweetheart something for Valentines and need to move out in a hurry (think personal belongings on the lawn!), Commander Moving is happy to help you out of a sticky situation.


  1. Horror Movie Marathon

A bunch of amazing horror movies have come out in the past few years. So, turn off the lights, pop some popcorn, grab a glass of wine and make a night of it. Bonus; it will give you an excuse to cozy up to your Valentine whenever you get spooked!

  1. Laser Tag

A laser tag date sounds like a load of fun! It’s a fun way to get your blood flowing and it’s dark so you can steal a kiss when no children are around to see. You can extend the fun and have a night cap afterwards at a funky dive bar.

  1. Camping

You don’t need to go far. You can pitch a tent nearly anywhere. In the yard, the living room or an actual campground. Camping is a wonderful excuse to snuggle up to your Valentine. Stay warm by the fire, share s’mores and enjoy a glass of wine. If your Valentine is the outdoorsy type, this is a memorable way to mark the occasion.

  1. Spice things up – Literally

Track down the hottest dishes in your town and challenge your Valentine to go toe to toe with the Scoville scale! Ghost peppers, Carolina Reapers and Habanero salsas await you as you heat up Valentine’s Day in a completely new way.

  1. Gift all the things you couldn’t open in public

Every couple knows that there are some gifts that are best opened in private. Do you really want your mother to know about those edible underwear? Take advantage of the inherently romantic nature of Valentine’s Day to exchange your naughtier gifts. Or better yet, take a trip to that special store and see what adventures you find!

  1. Try a home makeover

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to deck out a barren bookshelf, build some shadow boxes together for that special Christmas party photo or swap out your sink fixtures. It will feel that much more like your place when you’re done!

  1. Get in some swings at the batting cage

I love batting cages! So, if you took me to the batting cages for Valentine’s Day, I’d be a super happy gal! Getting some serious swings in is so cathartic and you’ll have the opportunity to crush those patriarchal “for a girl” comments!

  1. Go on a pedestrian adventure somewhere new

Have you been on the new Bay Bridge? Did you know that there is a walkway from Oakland (around the corner from Commander Moving warehouse!) to Yerba Buena? Neither did I, until last Valentine’s Day. You can learn so much about a neighborhood when you walk through it. Try a neighborhood you haven’t been through, walk the Golden Gate Bridge or check out the new Bay Bridge! I bet you’ll find a new coffee shop, a bookstore or a killer sandwich counter that you never would’ve spotted otherwise.

  1. Try beer flights at a local brewery

If you’re both into trying new beers, getting a flight at your local craft brewery can be a real adventure. It’s amazing the variety you’ll find between different kinds of beer and the people that love ‘em. So, do some day drinking this Valentine’s Day and discover your new favorite brew. This can also be applied to wine bars!

  1. Karaoke

Simple, right? Nothing says “I rrreeealllly trust you” like letting someone you care about hear you sing…in public…on stage…with a live microphone!

  1. Go to the zoo

This is one of my favorites. I love the zoo! Witness the love of the wild kingdom up close at your local zoo. Learn about animal mating customs and perhaps some of that knowledge can help your mating rituals!

  1. Order a takeout feast

There is something really appealing about ordering several different kinds of takeout and assembling an amazing spread from all of the delivery spots that will likely be less busy with every couple in town out on a fancy date. When else do you have the opportunity to eat pizza with General Tsao’s chicken and a boat load of tacos?


However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day and night, be safe, keep things interesting and remember Commander Moving and our movers are here for all your moving needs!

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